Flying comments XD Report a technical issue

Hi Vedlen! I noticed that often the comments move stealthily from one pic to another one. It can be a problem because it can create misunderstandings..

I will do an example to make you understand better! If I write under a profile pic of a guy "Hey, you are very sexy!" and then he puts a pic of his dog...the comment flies under the last photo, and so...people can think "OMG this girl is an abuser of animals, I will report it to the P.E.T.A.!!" and I will risk jail only for ppg's fault!

(Mates, if you have other examples, please: Write them! We can solve everything if we join our forces!)

Greetings, your Val 😃

VAL, I commented on your goat photo saying "delicious" and that comment went to your other pics of you so now it looks awkward XD

Hahahahahah. Edd XD you are a cannibal 😮

this is all your fault VAL! xd

This is not my fault my dear Edd! it happens also under other users' pics...

Look at this:

reading Bianca's comment "sweeeeeet cat 🙂 I love it😁" people can think "OMG, Liony is a cat! 😮" or "Bianca is foolish" or "Am I blind?? or mad?? why I'm seeing a nice girl hunting moles and not a sweet, peaceful cat???" confused1

or reading my first comment, people can ask "but..where is charlie??" and they can lose the entire day looking for him in the pic...or, again, they can think Charlie is a hole, or a piece of land, or a tuft of grass!! :wacko

We declare war to misunderstandings!!!! :tank :tank

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VAL you are a big dork XD

Sorry for the late reply. The gallery will be entirely revamped in a few weeks, so you will no longer experience any problem! Thanks.