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Where are the list of my friends??? How can I find peoples who already my friends??? :cursing :cursing :cursing

When you login to the site.You will find an option as "display my profile".You will also see any new comments which will be notified to you as "Notifications".
Click on the "display my profile".You will find the comments & everything else there.In the down right end corner of the page just below NOTE section.You can find the list of your friends 🙂.
You can also see their profile photo in it along with their profile name thumbup1.I hope this helps..

PS-If anyone added you as a friend,You can see an option as "pending requests" where you can accept them or deny.If you added someone & if they accepted.Then it will show up in your friend's list 😉.Good luck.

Hi! I need help here. The user sent friend request but i added him. The problem is that user's account unavailable. Even no sign to unfriend or ignore. Any idea?