[solved] Questions about translator and chatroom Report a technical issue

Ray Ray

For some reason none of the computers i get on will not show japanese or chinese characters in the translator or in chatroom. Also, my computer will not let me get in the chat room. Can you tell me what to do to fix this problem.

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Fist off, Hi...

Your computer won't show these characters simply because you're probably using Windows and by default it doesn't embed Japanese or Chinese characters. You have to install modules separately from your Windows CD.

What do you mean it "won't let you get in the chatroom" ?
Did you try using another webbrowser ? Try [url=http://www.opera.com/download/]Opera[/url]


Ray Ray

All i have is Internet Explorer but I can get in the chat rooms when i am at school. They have internet explorer too. I can get into the chat room for like a few seconds but it logs me out of chat very quickly before i get to type anything sometimes.

Ray Ray

I also noticed that it said something about an invald IP address

I also noticed that it said something about an invald IP address
This is because of a script that prevents accounts from being used from several locations at the same time.
You might be the only one using your account so it means your IP changes all the time. You may have problems with some other sites too that also use the IP address to secure sessions.

I just changed a setting that may solve the problem. Tell me if it's ok.

Ray Ray

Thank you so much!!! I can get into the chat room now from my computer without it logging me out thank you!!!!!!!!!

Okay good. Topic set as solved.