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👋🏼Hi there, first thanks for the great work that has been done so far😊.
My suggestion stems from the fact that I’ve spent a few time out of here without being able to use the website anymore, so after i returned 🤔 I felt somehow lost and couldn’t remember the things I did, like the forum topic I was following, the profile I commented/liked and stuff like that. So I think maybe it might be useful to add another tab (or whatever is doing) where we get see our past activities and get back to it more quickly.
Hope to hear from you soon 😉🥲 Have a wonderful night ( 😆 of course if it’s the night already else Have a great 😊 day!)

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Me too think PenPal-Gate is great. I don't think you need to change much
but maybe there are some details that would be helpful.
Maybe this suggestion is worth considering:

Some kind of search function as a field or button.
I mean in case I want to list the posts of a friend.

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I think members who are 'ocked in' for more than a day BUT show no activity
should be automatically logged out. They get permanent attention - because
they are listed as 'present'. The attention should flow to those who are really