I'd love to be able to block a gender Comments and suggestions

I already wrote in my profile that I'm not interested in chatting with men. Still I get messages from thirsty men who obviously don't care about my boundaries all the time. I'm really tired of blocking them constantly. It's possible to block countries - couldn't you also enable blocking genders?


While what you are describing is a problem that we have started to address under the hood, it doesn't seem you have been bombarded with tons of unsolicited messages either. Nonetheless this is a legitimate concern and we are thinking about implementing further configurable restrictions so users have better control over who may interact with them - including age and gender. Hope that helps 🙂.



misandry, good for you, we need more people like you in the world. (sarcastic)

Please do not post unnecessary comments, either way reply with some suggestions or feedback, otherwise please keep your comments in your mind instead of releasing them 🙂