Last connexion indication Comments and suggestions

Why not a indication of the last time a profile was active ?
It would be interesting for knowing in advance if a profile is a waste of time to contact
A simple indication like "Last connection over a week, a mount, a year" would be great 😉

Thank you for your consideration,

Agree with that!

In my opinion it's never a waste. People will get a notification on their mail. And if they log in later on they still can respond. Yet I understand that there's a higher response possivilty if they're "active".

+1 with BartL. Just because some people haven't logged in in a few weeks doesn't mean they won't be wanting to have a conversation. Also, those who don't respond will lose ranks in the search engine so that active people tend to stay up the list.

Ok, I understand what you mean but this indication could be an useful information when people doesn't response 😉
Is it because of a non connected pen-pal or simply because I'm so boring XD

Also, personally, I haven't actived mail notification 😉
So, for people like me, a long non-connected profile has less chance to respond than recent connected 😉
And when you search for new friends during long-night-working-guard you travel trough lots of profiles 😉

I was re-thinking about it, why not a color bubble next to the name.
Green= Online
Blue= Last connection <24h
Yellow= <1week
Red= <1month
Black= >1month

This was my last message about it, I will leave you now XD

isn’t there already a such indicator?

There is only one indicator for "currently online". I believe color codes would be more confusing if anything

Except if it is well explained by passing the cursor on it... Like the badges...

I agree with Verenius!!
It is true that some people stop responding after exchanging 3 or 5 messages. And we try to send other messages to ask their news but still without answers. So, if there is a way to know whether our messages were read or not and when was the last login of the penfriend, that would be really helpful and make the site better. Many pen pals sites offer those functionalities.
Please, try to implement the "last time login" functionality dear Etienne.

All my best greetings and happy new year to you!!!