The chat is empty,people gather!!! Comments and suggestions

Hi dear people,
I've been on this website a long time and I like it alot. Since the last big update PenPal changed. It used to be crowded in the chatroom and yeah, it was fun!

Now, everytime I enter the chat it is empty. I wonder what happened to our great site. There are new accounts everyday but the chat is empty. (1 or even 0 people)

Some people and i noticed that, even if we were both online, we both saw no other persons there. We could chat without names being shown. The chat still said that there was nobody online.

So my suggestion dear fellow-penpalpeople is: lets enter the chat and just say Hi! Don't get chased away by the number 0 or 1 online.

Lets make Penpalgate great again. It's ze best gate in ze world. All the other sites are fake.


I fully agree, nothing else to say... I come every day on the website but, unlike 2 or 3 years ago, it’s only to check my private messages. I miss the time when dozens of people were simultaneously online in the chatroom !

Yup the chat is really empty the last time....

Maybe chatroom is dead. Rest in peace to chatroom

probably it doesn't work