New feature suggestion: language levels Comments and suggestions

I'm starting to feel like some kind of spammer 😉

So, another useful feature, which can be implemented to Penpal-Gate, and which is used in a couple other portals, like xLingo - Language Levels.

Now, we may choose which languages we speak, and which we want to learn. But obviously, there are various levels of commands. For example, my English is good enough to communicate, but it's nothing in comparison to a native speaker...

So I suggest adding a new feature: language levels. Users should be able to choose how well they know certain languages - both these "known", and these "intended to be learned". I think that simple "Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Fluently" would be sufficient.

Yet, there's another division, as people rarely speak as well as they write, and the other way around. So, there may be two "progress bars" for spoken and written language, or just a little space to comment one bar.

I hope I'm clear enough, and that this feature'll help Penpal-Gate 🙂

Good idea!

I think it would be very usefull!!! 🙂

Vedlen, what's Your opinion? 🙂

Hey, sorry haven't been around these past few days 🙂

This is a good suggestion. Actually, I thought about this while building the site a couple years ago but I ended up not doing it, since I had a lot of work to do already and it wasn't a major feature to implement. Having 2 bars is redundant I'm afraid, but yeah 1 bar is a fairly good idea.
I still haven't found the time to add to the search engine the "communication" filter. 😉

I'll set up a poll to see how many members would actually be in favor of it. Probably most of them anyway. 😉

Thank you again for your relevant suggestions.