Special "Country" forums Comments and suggestions

Can we have "any-country-name" forums in a separate category, named "Our world" or something like that? A new topic for every country started by anyone. The country's citizens could tell foreigners anything and everything about their country or ask their opinion about something in their country. Foreigners can learn about other countries in a fun way. They could ask questions about the country. It's better than having one penpal answer all your questions about their country in emails. It could be like an interactive encyclopaedia. What do you guys think?


It's actually the point of the "Everyday life and customs" forum. However it's not divided into subforums, since there wouldn't be enough messages. So it's not worth sorting them out a second time. But maybe in the future when there will be more messages to manage.

It is possible to create section at a forum with the country Russia?)

Hum I'm asking me if there will be not enough messages for the greatest countries ... or those which the news speak about... Don't oyu think so ? But of course, all the countries won't be represented....