Profile Comments and suggestions

yo vadlen i think we should be able to type what kinda music we like and hobbies ect instead of just checking a box, and how bout something like tell bout yourself u know

well rockon rockon rockon rockon

Ok last time I'm asking you to write better than that (especially names) before warning.

We won't let users write whatever they want in order to avoid synonyms and mistakes in spelling. That's why criteria are generalized.
You can "tell about yourself" in the profile note, which was basically created for that.


ok i met like make more text box like the profile note, i thought that was a tell about yourself thing

how do you get arund this site

how do you get arund this site
--> [url=]FAQ[/url]

I think it would be great to be able to see in my profile who from my friends are online,so that I don´t have to go through their profiles.

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