REALLY A OPINION POLL (question for everybody) Comments and suggestions

Hi ! I post this poll even if somes persons already said me that many persons on this site would it. Now I think that it's a good question to ask. 🙂 Many persons have on this site pictures which doesn't represent themself as cat, schtroumpfs, cup of tea, Soupspoon,A kind of casimir and et cetera for to quote nobody. If persons who should to see, don't see it. I don't create this subject just in my interest but because I'm the only person who see it. It's anywhere. Ok my picture has been deleted because it wasn't myself but there aren't than only me in this case. Rather in those two cases. The case that we put a picture which isn't ourself and which is to delete. And the case we put a picture which isn't ourself and which isn't delete. This POLL subject is interesting for that everybody may to give his opinion on this important question. That this poll don't be delete for a simple subject.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

And for the proof that it isn't only in my interest I don't give my opinion for the moment. 🙂

So,it put a pic of yourself and you'll have no problems.If some pictures of other guys are not deleted it means that they had some real pictures before.Anyway,it's their business.And I don't think,it is correct from your point to discuss another people because of your own problem.Do you want them to have the same end?Explain me your position.

This subject was a POLL and has been transformed in simple subject. My position was to do a subject for to know if there are today more people will be agree for to have another pictures than himself or herself. 🙂 But now nemo can't vote and to say his point of view because it isn't a POLL now but a SIMPLE SUBJECT. -_- It's so pity!

The POLL Was as this : Who would to have another pictures than himself or herself ?

A great majority
Somes people
A little minority

The POLL was as there and I add again a choice in.

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If you see that you can vote : Please voted and give your opinion. 🙂

FYI, a poll was set up about two years ago regarding this matter. About 80% of members were in favor of having "real pictures" only as main avatars.

I think those polls on the main page need to be reset from time to time.

Not reset, but replaced.