Eurovision 2010 Films, music, TV

OK, I know it ended yesterday, but what do you think about it?
Are you happy that Germany won? Who were your favorites? Who do you think was the biggest disappointment ?
Let us know 🙂

Personally, I loved Lena's song and I'm glad that she one, she's worth it.
I had more favorites like: Belgium, Greece, Spain, France, Turkey, Israel.
I didn't like Bosnia & Herzegovina(sorry, that's just my opinion)
And I think this year's Eurovision was great, we've seen a big variety of songs.
I think it will only get better in years 🙂

Yeah, Lean won!!! She's very good, but I didn't think Germany would have the 1st place *.*
I liked the songs from Spain, Belgium, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia, the worst song for me was from Greece...
I'm looking forward to the next Eurovision songcontest in Germany!

i missed the live contest but now listening to the first 3 places , i think that none of them deserved their place

This year was rather good, I'm glad Lena won I loved the song 😃
I also liked : Belgium , Norway, Israel, Turkey, Albania, Armenia (all nice songs) and Romania (the girl has a great voice)
Greece was funny and I didn't like Serbia, Russia (guys were dressed as students on strike and the song was flat), UK (the 1990s are over) and Belarus (butterfly dresses ? come on, we're not 5 anymore)