Musicals all over the world - your favourite ones! Films, music, TV

Hi 🙂
I'm going to Paris in September and as I was looking for some nice musicals opening in Paris, I came up with this topic.
Do you go and watch musicals? What are your favourite ones?
I wish that in Poland there were more musicals. Like 'Phantom of The Opera' or 'Wicked' - they have versions all over the world. The only 'famous' musical I've managed to see in Poland was 'Oliver!' (my friend starred at it that's how i got to know about it) and I really liked it - so why there aren't more?
One of my favourite musicals I've seen live (however it was German version in Vienna) is 'Spring Awakening' - anybody seen it too?

I like watching musicals! I've never seen 'Spring Awakening' but I saw 'Notre Dame de Paris', 'Les Dix', and I like opera 'Le Nozze Di Figaro'. 'Notre Dame de Paris' was veeeery impressive! And same as Korea : many people like watching it but France is too far, I like Korean ver. but I'd like to see original once. 🙂

Oh yes! I watched Notre Dame of Paris recently!! I'm a big fan of it 😃 I liked the book very much
But it was the first musical I've ever seen in which there were songs only - no spoken text.