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Did Snape deserve his redemption arc?

Do you think Draco deserves a redemption arc (which he didn't get)?

Let me know down below!

(A redemption arc is a story where the character goes through many obstacles and makes up for something bad they have done.)

Snape doesn't deserve for his redemption, but Draco deserves

Draco (kind of) gets a redemption arc in the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, even though it shouldn't be considered canon because it's not in accordance with the rest of the previously explained facts in the other books.
Also, Snape is neither a hero nor a villain, he is a human. He made his fair share of mistakes, we all do. The point is not be perfect, it's to learn from the mistakes we make. In my opinion, Snape is judged a little too harshly by the fandom because Harry hates him and Harry is "a good guy". But Don't hesitate to disagree with me and explain your opinions.

...Snape is judged a little too harshly...

I don't know about that, I mean I've seen a lot of people who've completely forgiven him for everythig. And I don't actually think he had a proper redemption arc. Nothing justifies the fact that he is a grown man, who is bullying children. One could make the argument that he hates Neville because he could have been the chosen one -> Lily wouldn't have died if that were the case. However, him bullying Harry because he looks like James, who bullied him, is ridiculous, and his attitude towards other houses is unreasonable and horrific. Also doing all that because he loved Lily is.... just no.

I read this story six years ago. So I don't remember a lot of the details. I can't answer your question. I don't like Draco malfoy. He's as bad as my primary school deskmate.

As Vicithebest said, Draco got a redemption arc at Cursed Child if you want it to be canon (I really don't) but I don't think he deserves any redemption at all. I don't think Draco is neither good or a bad, he put himself in a situation he didn't control because it was what everybody expected from him. I think he didn't even realise what was going everything about until it was too late. Even thou, I don't think either that the "good" things he did at the end of the saga was really because he was "good" but because of fear. We have to admmit he was kinda coward.

On the other hand, Snape really DID deserve a redemption arc. He's one of the most beautifully written characters of the series and he's so complex. I share the opinion that "everybody" hates Snape only because Harry hates him. We see the books through Harry's eyes and Harry ignores almost on purpose the "bad habits" every other professor have. Flitwick bullied Neville also, McGonagall bullied Neville and called him names! Detentions were going to the Forbidden Forest! Snape was harsh, but we don't know how he was with Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs because Griffindor always shared potion class with Slytherin. I really think he was probably the best teacher Hogwarts had. He saved Harry so many times despite hating him. He was always in the middle of the path of the Trio because he cared about the well-being of the students and they always went against the rules.
Maybe he had not the best actitude, no one was having that at Hogwarts, but he did deserve to be a hero.

Harry was always such an asshole.

I think Snape deserves what he got. Snape is a bad person, but on the good side. He was very mean to Harry, and he called Lily a mudblood, but he also saved harry's life.