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Tell me one song of your country!🙂 I'd like to listen to them🙂

,,Sobie i Wam" Męskie Granie


"Liebe ist" from Rosenstolz


…translated in almost every language of this world.

"Garota de Ipanema"

From Iran...

Sirvan Khosravi - Tanha Nazar (Studio) (Live)

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Pookie , djadja of Aya Nakamura

"La Petite Gayole"
It is a folk music from the southern part of Belgium, Wallonia.
Almost every walloons know it.
Obviously, not in the trend anymore but still known.

« Évier Métal » by Ultra Vomit ((:

Chicken on a raft 🙂 Artur Rojek - Beksa 🙂

Thank you all guys!🙂 I will listen to them