Today, Led Ufo Lights manufacturers share the lighting design process:

First, most of the work of lighting designers is done together with architects and interior decorators.

Second, the lighting design process:
1. Entrustment: design budget, design scope, design period, customer requirements.

2. Basic plan: master the type of construction space, daylight, furniture and interior decoration materials and configuration.

3. Basic design: image of light, simulation with computer drawing, model, etc.; calculation of illumination; selected lamps; configuration of lamps;

4. Implementation design: accompanying changes in building, interior decoration design, budget, etc., re-examination studies; lighting procedures for lighting, lighting, and dimming.

5. Supervision and management: focus on the light and check the quality of the lamps.

6. Record: Measure the illuminance and take a photo.

Third, the lighting utilization rate refers to how many percent of the light beam emitted from the luminaire reaches the floor or the work surface: the average illuminance = (1 illuminator luminous flux x lamp number x lighting utilization x maintenance factor) / floor area.

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