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Do you enjoy watching esc? What are your favorite performances? Do you prefer more popular hits or ethnic cultural entries?

Yes I enjoyed it and i liked the Music of Switzerland, Cyprus and Belarus

YES. But actually no. When mu country is not in final I do not feel emotion. Is good that The Netherlands win.

Only watch it for the commentary as its very funny. The show its self is just boring and a waste of time.

I like watching ESC too. I don't really have a favourite this year. If I have to, then Italy and Albania would be where I vote for (since I don't have the vote for my own country XD), because I like when there's a background to a certain song and thereby both sang in own language. Norway this year was also kinda distinct from the rest tho.

If you want some really amazing ethnic performances, I strongly recommend you to watch Armenia’s entries of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016 (instrumental), 2017...