What's your favourite anime series? Films, music, TV

Noragami is my favourite anime series. And yours?

Forse è banale, ma il mio anime preferito è Naruto...

Ce ne stanno troppi, ho una My anime list da più di 200 titoli visti e sicuramente ne ho dimenticati lop

Death Note

Neon Genesis Evangelion


What about Hetalia, it was kinda good.


Hetalia and Detectiv Conan

Hey! Naruto is like Bleach and Dragon Ball: the basis
I'm a fan of animes and mangas!
I don't know: Noragami
And somes others but they appear to be interesting!
I'm french and you?
My favorite anime is Snk (attack on titans, kabaneri of the iron fortress etc. ..
And Erased! ^-^ the basis!
Shonen ^-^
I like also AnoHana and Death note^-^
Anohana is so wonderful!
Ps: are you cosplayers? ^-^

Sword art online and psychopass too

Death Note, even if it can be trivial

I know nearly every manga but my favorites are naruto, detective conan and dragonball

Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball
Hokuto no Ken
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Noragami if I have to choose, but there are a lot of anime series I really like

i didn't watch many animes but for the ones i saw, i can say that my favourite is absolutely death note.