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Who here likes the hunger games?)

Talking about the Books or the movies?
I liked the first movie and the second the most, the other two were a bit disappointing.
Can´t say much about the books, never read them.

I love hunger ganes❤️❤️What's your favorite character?


Mine is Haymitch because he´s a funny guy.
Could also be because of the actor 😃

I love The Hunger Games. I've read the books and watched the films and both of them are amazing! The last film made me cry: when Finnick died, when Prim died, when Katniss left Gale, when Effie told Katniss 'Find it. The life of a winner.', when Katniss met Peeta and they had two babies... I sometimes read the last part of the book, when Katniss explains her nightmares, trying to imitate her voice and I always cry!