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Hey guys who loves harry potter as much as me? 😁

I read all seven volumes and the latest script.
I wish they could release the theatrical version of the Cursed Child as a Blu-Ray disc.

Nice to hear!

I would like to see the cursed child too vut hope that it doesnt ruin my view on harry potter

seen it, it's amazing, (my sister is a real potterhead, she's been there like 12 times now already, and will go to New york for the theatre this month too...

Thats niceeee i can't do that now 😂

mee! I know the whole Harry Potter rap, whoops haha

What house are you guys in?? I'm in Ravenclaw!

Im a gryffindor!!

Huge Potterhead here!
(I also love the video you're referencing)

I'm a big fan too! (+ Hufflepuff)

I think i'm kind of a Slytherin, no one wants to be Slytherin but here I am hahaha.

I'm a Slytherin! Slytherin rocks! 😃

Oh yeah Gryffindor is best 🙂 I'm a Potterhead too 😛

Huffelpuf for the win

Biggest Potterhead alive is here! Also Im Ravenclaw 🦅 Now reading 5th one! Love coming back to the books after watching movies.