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There is anyone who like the Arctic Monkeys, here ?

I don't know them that much, but I really like the song "when the sun goes down".

You absolutely have to listen their new song, Crying lightning.

It's very different in comparaison to their first songs.

I love "I bet you look good on the dancefloor", "Mardy bum", "Criying lightning"m and "My propeller". When I heard Mardy Bum first time, this song was soooo good and I bought their all albums.

I love the lyrics, "Flourescent Adolescent" and "Cigarette Smoke" are my favourites!

Me, I recently listen "Only Ones Who Know"... Really good sound

but my favorits are: When the sun goes down, and From the ritz to the rubble

Ahhh yes of course ;D
the Artics Monkeys are awesome ;D
i love their albums 🙂

ooooohh yess arctic monkeys are one of my favs! haha
i think teddy picker is one of the best d:
and gosshh how amazing voice alex has

Brainstorm is a brilliant song

Their songs are energetic somehow. I like to listen to AM when I clean my house 😃

I love arctic monkeys! Especially Crying Lightning, Old Yellow Bricks, Mardy Bum and Baby I'm Yours