What is your favourite film ? 电影,音乐,电视节目

Tell me what is your favourite serie and why ?


Kingsman, the secret Service

Kingsman, The golden circle

The Transporter

The Martian

John wick 1 and 2 soon to be number 3, he gets a horse 😂

Top Gun because I love planes

The Eagle has Landed

V for Vendetta, Silence of the Lambs, Kill Your Darlings, Rasputin (with Alan Rickman), Soldier's Girl... The Pearl Button (documentary) too!

Definetely Intouchables and Forest Gump maybe The courious case of Beniamin Buttom else 😁

The Pianist 🙂

serie: erkenci kus (turkish with ENGLISH subtitles) 🙂

movies: midnight sun
The cronicles of narnia
200 pounds beauty

The Karate Kid 😃

forest gump

Intouchable, her name was sarah, me before you, the best of me.. Cried my eyes out

My favorite serie is Sherlock Holmes and the host is the best movie of the world.

The Notebook

My favorite film is Charlie and the chocolate factory

The lord of the Rings