Stranger things? Films, music, TV

talking about this serial

An amazing series and I hope the next season comes soon

thats great

How about you, did you watch it and what do you think about it

of course
I like the actors of this serial, the plot, staging
and I want November 15, because it will be 3 seasons

Haha nice

The best serie in the world... after game of thrones... No... after Vicking.... oups sorry i like too many serie

In time of Netflix and Co its not a big surprise that its overwhelming. I mean right now there are many really good series.
But still Stranger Things is my favorite at this moment.

Stranger Things is one of my favourite tv series, at the moment, i really like the actors, especially Millie Bobby Brown, she is so talented!
I really like the plot, it's a well-kept TV series

It is one of the best series for me. They are a lot of suspense and action.

It is really cool!, I am really excited for the third season! TuT
I just learnt how to play the intro in ukulele! xD

It's the best series!111!1