BABYMETAL Films, music, TV

who knows the band babymetal

there comming 5 and 6 june to the netherlands

I love Babymetal so much

I love it too!
I've been looking them since they were in the group named "Sakura gakuin".
But I wasn't expecting them to become so worldwide. Which is great.

Love them.

Exist some criticism about them for not being "true metal". I'm a huge fan of classic heavy, rock and metal bands and I love them anyway, besides if GOD Rob Halford can perform with the girls who am I or anybody else to criticize them?

They are sooo good! I absolutly Love them :3 I Love Metal and I Love Japan, so how Could I not Love them?

i listen to them everyday

I really don't like all those new waves of metal since end of 1990/begining of 2000.
I'm more into Black metal like BURZUM, PESTE NOIRE, NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION...