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What's your opinion about the results or ESC in general? 🙂
Me, I am quiet content with all the songs, so actually I kinda liked them all but I am very happy and surprised too that, even in the votes and the songs, people showed diversity and tolerance which is a very good message! Thats what the ESC is there for. To build bridges between cultures and countries! Whether the winner was your taste of music is questionable, but I liked it because its funky! 😃 And her message at the end was also very suitable!

I am content too. The winner's music this year was something different and it was funny. 😃
I liked the music of norway too, but sadly he hadn't get much points.

I really like Israel's "Toy" so I'm happy they won. Also I really liked the one from the Czech Republik.

I like the vibe around it, people are enjoy 🙂 i just think its a bit afake contest where countrys like England, Spain, Germany, Italy just enter the finals becasue they pay the most? LOL thats not fair..if i was a participant from one of those countries i wouldnt like to enter the finale because my country bought a ticket..i would want to enter the finale just because i sing good!

I love Eurovision but i don't like how the jury vote, because it is a music competition and the votes have to be serious and professional but often are only politician votes, and i'm sorry about this.

Do you know the meaning of the freach song of eurovision entileted "Mercy" ? 🙂

I think Eurovision is getting better and better. For example this year, all songs showed its diversity. Serbia and Montenegro with Balcon songs. There was a lot of rock this year too. Pop, opera, country, etc etc. And Hungary with metal was also a surprise.

We'll never be content with vote results, because of political reasons, but I think this is also getting better and better. People expect countries such as Russia, Azerbaizjan, Amernia, Romania, Poland will always go the finals. However that didn't happen. People are really into to choose their champion. And I like the ESC have 2 two seperate vote systems: the public and the jury vote. Even though, there'll be some "friend politics", the best of all will win because of the majority of votes.

I think Isreal is a good winner. Even though people think she only won because the chicken vocals, I deny. It has a good message and a good beat. I liked also the following countries this year: Bulgaria (love the vocals!), France (good message!), Finland (The power of her voice shocked me!), Portugal (A shame that it became last this year, but a story I somehow can relate to)