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Hello People!
Is there anybody who is a huge Fan of Marvel movies too?
It would be fun to write with someone who like them like i do 😃
I would like to discuss especially of the last movie Infinity War, and others...
You can write me or write here, what you think


Hi Meltem, I'd love to discuss of Marvel movies to you... Actually Infinity War is my overall favorite film ^~^

hi Meltem. in my opinion, Infinity War is hands down the best Marvel movie to date. it has a good balance between funny moments (some of them I just couldn't help myself and laughed my lungs out 😃), fast and eventful action, and of course, breathtaking sadness at the end. Don't wanna go into details too much, lest I spoil it for someone. but seriously, if anybody still haven't seen it yet, just go and do it! 😃
so yeah, loved the movie, but I'm still curious about a couple of things. what do you think about Lokis death? is it possible at all that he staged it again? I think it might be.

Hi Itkovian!
I agree with your opinion of the movie. 😃
About lokis death: I don't know really, but I think that too many characters died in the movie so that I think, they must come again. Maybe Loki too. But for him, there is lower Chance...

yes well. first of all, people that have disintegrated after the famous snap of fingers, I really believe that part 2 will be about bringing them back. it might be a common opinion, but I think it's the most probable one, considering we'll have Spider-Man and Black Panther 2 coming out sometime in the future. it's the thing you said, Loki has a lower chance because we've literally seen him being killed. but that had happened before, is my point. by the way, Spideys scene at the end? most hurtful of them all...

You are right. I think the characters who were killed by thanos will return,because there are the next movies. So they MUST return. But those who were killed before (Heimdall, Loki) have lower chances. 🙁
I agree with you that spideys death was the most hurtful one.

I hated how Heimdall died just like that at the beginning, he had so much potential. some time ago I believed He has the Soul Stone. did not expect that! do you have anything that you dislike about the movie?

I think everyone thought that heimdal had the soul stone 😃 it seemed as it was in his suit.
What i disliked? I think i liked all. There is nothing i hated about the movie.
I really loved Thanos. I never saw a villain like him. What do you think?

about Thanos? yes, he's one of a kind. and the movie is really about him, less about the Avengers, at least emotionally. think about his sacrifice, if it wasn't true he wouldn't have gotten the Soul Stone. but how could you kill someone you love the most for the greater good? (in his mind that was wiping out half of the universe due to overpopulation, but still) it takes balls. to be fair, Scarlett Witch turned out to be similar, knowing she can save countless innocent lives, she decided to destroy Vision, who I believe she loved. the fact that all of it was in vain made it that much harder to acknowledge, and so, so sad... I'm trailing off.
anyway yea, I loved Thanos too. what I didn't like about the movie is, all the trailers were showing off Hulk and stuff, but then we didn't get much of him. a bit misleading, even though this might turn out very interesting in the second part, some say they're gonna do the Proffesor Hulk. that would be awesome I think 😃

I think it is difficult to show much from all the characters (hulk too), because that's not possible if all heroes are in one movie. That's why they did not show some who will come first in the 2nd part. But yes, if course in the next part we will see more of them

hopefully you're right 🙂

I think in infinity war they killed all the character who where not in the beginning of the avenger to make a Second film with on one side the real one like hulk iron man and the other. And on the other side maybe with those who "died" in the dust and add antman with captain marvel to save them or something like that . By the way I'm so sad of the death of Loki that was my favorite character 😭 but he wasn't killed by the dust of Thanos so I think he will not come back.

I love Infinity War even if it’s so sad...