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Has anyone watched the show Merlin by BBC? I love it, absolute Merthur shipper, still not over the finale. What's your favourite episode?

Yes - I have watched all of the Merlin on BBC and I enjoyed it quite a lot. My favorite episodes were: With all my heart (made me cry like a baby) and Queen of Hearts. I loved these two episodes because it really shows how much Arthur cared for Gwen. Merlin, in general was hilarious. He was very funny as the old man. Haha!

I love Merlin. My favourite character is Morgana. When Merlin fell in love with Freya and she heart-breaking!!! She could have told him all the truth, no??!!!

Oh God, I love Merlin. I binge-watched all the show in like two weeks. I can't even pick a favourite episode. But that last chapter was too much for me... so sad!

I like to watch Merlin🙂