What kind of music when you are happy/angry/sad ? Films, music, TV

Hello everyone!

What kind of music do you hear when you are :
- happy ?
- angry ?
- sad ?

When I am happy : I prefer to listen funk ( Act like you know, Fresh, Celebration, September, ... ) 😁 It makes me feel very well !
When I am angry : I prefer to listen kpop (Save me, Not today, No more tomorrow, Rocking, Ring ding dong, etc...), or pop of 80s (Rock with you, Upside down, Beat it, etc...)! It makes me feel better !
When I am sad : I prefer to listen korean ballad (mainly OST of korean dramas), or sad songs(A thousand years, Someone like you, ...) .. Yeah when I am sad, I am not half-sad xD

Let me know what is for you ! 🙂
See you


When I am angry: rebellion, no more sorrow, by myself, one step closer, burn out, victimiced, high voltage al reamix (with out regared) (from Linkin Park) dead inside, undisclosed desires (from Muse)
When I´m sad: my december, powerless, robotboy, in the end, crawling, leave out al the rest, the little things give you away, final mascurade (from Linkin Park) the kill (from 30STM)
When I´m happy: runaway, numb, part of me, braking the habit, lost in the echo, bleed it out (from Linkin Park) the Kill (30STM), thougt contaigon, panic station (from Muse)

I love happy music and Grace

Hello Kachiri and DaisyRose !
Thanks for your answers 🙂
I didn't know and I am glad ! I am going to listening step by step all your songs !