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Hi ! Does anybody watch the serie Pretty Little Liars ?

Salut ! Est ce que vous regardez la série Pretty Little Liars ?

Euh non, ça parle de quoi ?

Here I am! I love Pretty Little Liars. Do you finish the seventh Season?

No, I haven't finish yet, and you ?

I love Pretty Little Liars. Because of school,I'm only at season 5 episode 11. I really love Hanna and spencer!! That's so interesting...I think that A is cece drake but I'm not really sure. Love this TV serie *..*

J'adore PLL. Je vais a l'ecole,et Je n'ai pas tiemp libre. J'adore Hanna et Spencer. Je pense que A est Cece mais je ne suis par convint.

Okay,that's right? XD