Card captor Sakura and sailor moon Films, music, TV

Hana yori dango was one of my loves in anime. But the two amines that made me really dream of being a magical bad-mama-jama was sailor moon and card captor Sakura. The remake of sailor moon was disappointing to me. What do you think?

And was for the continuation of Sakura, I find it very interesting and I felt myself becoming a little kid again!!!

I haven't watched neither of those anime's, as a kid I grew up with Pokemon, beyblade and such, don't like em much now but I prefere the more adventures and romantic one's myself like Macross Frontier and Clannad

I have also watched those animes that you speak of. Clanned I remtmgervkwde me cry.

Clannad was verry sad yes, still a good story non the less, I named my cat after their daughter

Sailor Moon was what got me into Anime. That and Card Captor. I used to watch it whenever it came on. I will forever be a Moonie.