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Tomorrow the film "call my by your name" comes out in Italy.
I saw the trailer and i'm already excited.
I think it is important to deal with LGBTQ themes, especially at the cinema, which is a very powerful means of communication.
Have you already seen it?
What do you think?


I saw this movie and I liked it! Very emotional and incredible. I also loved the actors and the setting. Everything was perfect


I loved it 🙂
The part that I think was deeper was when the father was talking with his son.
That level of conversation being a father wow. It's totally incredible.
Also I think the soundtrack is touching. Even today I go to YouTube to listen Sufjan Stevens - Visions of Gideon (

This movie makes you think that love should be experienced even though if it's going to hurt or not. And Elio's parents allowed this moment in Elio's life.

I totally agree with you, the father deserved an oscar only for that scene. The soundtrack are beautiful and i think thet "visions of gideon" was perfect for the final scene. 4 minutes of elio's tears. Poetry.
In its simplicity it was a poignant film just because everyone can see each other again in it. The first love and the first disappointments.
Love is risk.