Coldplay fans? Films, music, TV

I'm addicted to Coldplay. Their lyrics, music, Chris Martin's voice...amazing! The song Fix You has me floating whenever I listen to it. 😃 But I love most of their songs! Any Coldplay fans here?

I do like them, even if I'm not a fan..

But yeah : their last live album is to download, for free, on there website. I think it's great

I love Coldplay! Chris Martin's voice is great! I really like "Fix You" and "Clocks". I listen them every morning 🙂

I really like this band and songs such as "A Message", "The Scientist", "Strawberry Swing"... Have you ever been to one of their concerts ?

Wow..I love Coldplay as well!
Viva la Vida is a classic and I love the song "Strawberry Swing"

coldplay rocks.

I LOVE coldplay
that's the best group

I'm not a fan, but I like a lot of all songs, what I've had heard in radio.

love it oxoxox

YELLOW is really really touching..

I love Coldplay. Without guitar, it's make me fly !!

Ohh yeah I'm a Coldplay addict !
They came to Paris a few months ago ... I love "Sparks", "Life in technicolor II", "Green eyes" and of course "the scientist", "fix you" ... All of their albums are fabulous .

I love coldplay! The songs are just so beautiful. "A rush of blood to the head", "Green eyes", "the scientist" <3

I just found their music. Of course I had hear Fix you, Talk, Violet Hill etc. from radio but I mean I really found their music just a short while ago. It's wonderful. Chris Martin's voice is something special, I've never heard anything like that. Same for the lyrics ~ who writes them btw?

I absolutely love Coldplay
i learned clocks on the piano and im planning on learning the scientist
they are amazing!!!!!!