Which kind of music do you like ? Films, music, TV

Mainly, I like rap.
I like mood rap that is mixed with song


Let's share your favorite song together.
Write you like kind of music.
And leave the link of your favorite song.

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Generally Metal, mostly Power and Folk Metal

metal (every direction), klezmer, indie, rock'n roll, pop, jazz, electro-swing..

nearly everything =D

Reg Reg

House, deep, tech house, .... :d

Mostly Rock, pop rock, alternative, rock 'n roll

Ska, Reggae, Old School Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical music, World Music (Asian especially).

Alternative rock, folk, grunge, post-grunge, hard rock 001_cool

rock, country, pop and electronic with a touch of jazz

screamo , rock, trance metal, japanese rock/metal

I love Rock Music, like Guns n Roses, MUSE, System of a down, Red hot chili peppers, Linkin Park, Omph!, Nirvana, Bon Jovi and Green Day \m/
I also like Classical music, and i listen pop music like James Blunt when I'm happy or sad :3

All kind of rock, alternative pop (like depeche mode), reggae

Maybe i better write the Groups i like
1) The Beatles
2) Pink Floyd
3) The Alan Parson Projekt
4) E.L.O
5) Kate Busch
6) Nanase Aikawa
7) Zard

And of course a few new ones
1) James Blunt
2) Amy MacDonald
3) Robbie Williams

Ohh-Ohh- I see i'am the Grandpa here 🙂

symphony. jazz

I listen formerly progresive rock, instural rock. Nowly Turkish Folk Music.

Reggae, rock, punk rock, folk and pop punk ~

Metal, mostly Folk Metal

I like every kind of rock and classic music, and sometimes I like to listen a bit of jazz