My covers : I'm all about your opinions guys ! Films, music, TV

Hey !!

I'm Clément, I'm french and I play guitar for a bit more than 2 years now and I really enjoy singing along :laugh
At first, someone asked me to show how I played and I promised so I did it, and I'm finally enjoying covering songs !
Hay, doesn't mean I'm good at it, but I'll keep playing, I really want to improve and ... I'd really like to hear your opinion about it and I'm open to any advices ! sweatdrop

I've done few, pick the song you want :

The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd (The Hobbit song) :
Modern Jesus - Portugal. The man :
Black Chandelier - Biffy Clyro :

Thanks for reading my post 🙂
Have a good day.

Wow I love your voice!!! 🙂

Nice work!

Thank you very much guys! 🙂

You have a nice voice. Keep going!
I like making music with some friends as well. 🙂

Thanks 🙂 it's nice to hear that !

wow, pretty good! i like your voice, so low but nice. u should try a pop song, (a low pop song ;P) but really good!!

Thanks to everyone who answered ! 😃

I'd still like to get opinions !

Nice ! 😃 I love playing guitar too

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Youre voice sounds really good!! 🙂
Have you already tried to do a faster song?! 🙂 Maybe that will sound good too (but thats my mind 😉 )

Hi Clement i love your voice i share your dream