What you listen rather...for the music ? Films, music, TV

Hi, everybody !

This poll for to know of where came the music that you listen. 😉

Personally I like listen music from Japan, China, Korea, UK, Finland,Macedonia, Egypt. I'm searching for Greece,Spain and Egypt. 🙂

Woow you listen to many different kind of music 🙂
I usually listen to english, american and naturally italian music XD
You can give me some suggestion about songs I've never heard XD

I love to listen Heavy Metal all the way,Pop Metal and Thrash Metal.

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All types of metal & rock \m/

Soooo subjective 😛
There are much more types than asians, american and french! ;D

Well I don't care in what language the song is. Well it's absolutely awesome if I can understand the words (if they are any) but it doesn't care when the soundby is good. 😉

For me it's English, Asian,European and Oriental music. 🙂
I love to listen so much music from the whole world it's so interesting. 😁

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