Hi ! I'm Camille... 日本語

Hello everybody ! I'm Camille, I'm thirteen year, I live in Marocco (in Africa) but I french. I search a corresponding (girls) from Japan, at 13 years - 17 years ! When you are interristing look m'y profile !

Thank you !
Camille <3 :angel

I search everyone to learn the JAPANESE ! HELP ME ! thank you !!

Hello everybody.
My name is Laura and I'm from Holland.
For my school I have to contact in French with other students.
So I'm searching for someone who can help me to improve my French. Maybe I can help you to learn you English or Dutch.
I'd like to mail or to msn with my penpal.

Greets Laura

Ok, I going to write too. (^w^)

I`m from Poland (small country), my name`s Aleksandra. I want write with Japanese people, best 11-16 years old. (^.^) I can wait, but my e-mail is: (email hidden)

Please, write soon!

Hey i'm looking for a japanese penfriend too!please help me!!

hi! I'm also moroccan 🙂 nowI live in France ...and I'm looking for a japanese penfriend (or anyone who talks japanese)
if someone is interested, here is the link for my facebook profil (add me 😃): https://www.facebook.com/sakhr.soulaih.9
and my email: (email hidden)