Life experience in France: free accommodation against voluntary work 日本語


This would suit weel a young guy student...

I am a Frecnh man living in South of France. I am looking for a nice and honest guy willing to have a life experience in France: learn the language and maybe cooking style.etc..
I want to refresh my old house and thefore need some help from someone willing to do some handy works. You must not be lazy...
It is about helping me with various things such as: building work, painting, cleaning the garden, cleaning the house, cutting some pieces of wood, painting and decorating...lots of handy works for which you need not have experience but just the will to learn and do.
I want to make an international guest house with my house.
I can teach you lots of things...

In exchange, I can offer you free housing, teach you French cuisine and language and even teach you English if you want to; also according to what we do, food can be free,
and at times do site seeing together...
The area is beautiful...

I speak a bit Japanese and want to learn.
In my city, there is a language school where you can take lessons to complete what i can teach you.
Within a year you can reach a good French standard.

One can communicate via MSN or skype..

All the best to you and fi you have any query , feel free to ask...

kind regards

Cyp cool2 cool2

your nickname betrays you hahah

your nickname betrays you hahah
Lol good one man :turned:

your nickname betrays you hahah
Lol good one man :turned:
Really? My nicname Betrays me?? ha! ha! 001_cool

I am looking for a nice and not lazy guy, willing to have a life expeirence in FRance and leanr French....and readdy to help me with some construction work on my house. I am turining it into a guest house.
In exchange, i offer free food and accommodation with the opportunity to learn FRench language and cuisine

best regards
Cyp 001_cool