How can I improve my listening skills? 日本語

Hi how r u?
I'm ready for JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
I studied : so grammer and reading improved, but I have no idea with listening. What should I do?
If you're Japanese or learn Japanese, tell me what to do 😃

Watch Japanese movies, to study film in the classic dialogue, hope this help you.

Qiaominghua is right it's probably the best way to get used to japanese spoken language. You can try drama too, there are many website where you can find japanese film or drama with subtitles (mostly in english, but you can find other language). It's hard sometimes to understand what they are saying. Gambatte ne.

There is the "minna no nihongo" listening exercices too, a good way to begin. That a series of book to learn japanese, there is a version with listening exercices, but you need the other books. They are expensive (especially the listening exercice), and old, but they are good if you can find them (i must still have them somewhere on my computer, i'm not sure)

Hello Radwimps. Well, the only way to improve your listening skill is listen more, more and more. 😃 Take care!