looking for japanese penpals 日本語

Hi everybody! 🙂
I'm 26 y.o. italian, and I'm looking for penpals to talk in English or Italian, or that can teach me a bit of Japanese 🙂
I hope to be in Japan in 2010 or 2011 (before the World Ends.. :tongue: ) to visit Tokyo and this beautiful country (I'd like to be there for the Hanami :flowers , at the moment I'm also looking for a sakura tree to put in my garden..); I'd like to talk with someone living in Japan, to know more about japanese lifestyle and tradition and culture.. So I hope someone will contact me! :yes

hi i'm not japanese at all but i hope to find japanese friends too and actually find and do nearly the same as you lol
nly i can't speak italian i only understand a bit of it because my mother is half italian 🙂 anyway hope you found someone i'm still on it 😛
^-^good luck

that's a good idea,i have been visited there last year.Japan is realy beautiful country ,sakura is very beautiful!!! i also want to visit there again >

HaHa i'm Sakuraa =)

I would like have many japanese friends too, I learn japanese =)

Ok guys, so the first one that will find a japanese penpal, have to share with the others! Ok? lol1

I'm from Hungary and I'm 29 years old, and my name is Esther. I'm looking for japanese penpals around my age. I'v been in Tokyo in 2007, and I hope, I can go there again. My native language is hungrian, but I can speak english, german and a little bit japanese too.

hi, italian for japanese. Looking for penpal, hopefully a pretty girl hehe 🙂

So Hello there. Im Emo / Scene girl from finland. I like screamo,rock,metal and J-rock. Im huge animal lover , pets have been always important part of my family. I like anime and manga. My hobbies are drawing,photography,music and horse riding. Im also furry and fursuiter.

Im kinda shy person but i would like to make new friends. Im looking friends from japan i want to learn speak japan better so i need someone to help ! :3 but also people all over the world.

Hey I´m Eli)
I´m searching for someone who could teach me Japanease)
because in my neibourhood isn´t anything that teaches this language
please help me))