Chineses Traditions. 汉语/漢語/中文

Hi! 🙂 I have by my brother a lot of gifts that are typically Chinese and widely used in China.
A few months ago, he came back with a lantern. Since I ask much questions to myself for the candle, that I know must be attached to the inside ; but hooks which must to retain it are so small. -_- The objectif I suppose it's his outside don't burn and that we can use again for another year, no ? Now, here's my question:

How to fix the candle of a Chinese Lantern ?

After if you have many details on other chinese traditions, it's welcome! 😃
Thank to advance! 🙂

My friend think exactly same thing. He buy Chinese Lantern and ask for me how it works and etc. because I have looking for much different information about Chinese traditions but now I don't have no idea so I have same problem here 😃

Maybe I'll know, I have made a Chinese lantern when I was in school, can you post the picture? Then I'll know the problems 🙂

I know the answer. But I can't tell you in details right now because I'm using cell phone to tpye this comment !maybe I will answer you when I back home ... 😉. Can you message me ?

Ok, Thanks for your answers. 🙂

Here's 4 pictures :

[img][/img] [img][/img]

[img][/img] [img][/img]

can't see the pic....

I post again pictures of the chinese lantern, in the hope that you see...:

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

And to find a solution to my problem. 🙂

you're supposed to put the candle standing in the middle (where the circle is), and pull up the four ends that make up the X shape to hold the candle in place.. i think that's about all you can do.. the four pieces are supposed to clip the candle in place so press them up against the candle..

I can deal your problem! you use the wrong style of candle!
you should use a candle which can be caught in the middle of "十"
if you still don't know just add my FB, I can use photo to teach you there: Sonny Alexisonnerxion

use the kind that you put on birthday cakes!

Oh. Lantern wasn't like that 😃 but you should put long candel in middle of and closed those metallic things to hold candel.

Thank you so much for the answer. 🙂 I understand better why I can't to put the candle. 😃

What are others traditions in China ?