if you need help in chinese 汉语/漢語/中文

i am a chinese girl and i can help you if you are learning chinese .
also i can answer your curiosity about china .
greeting from china~🙂

Ni hao!
I am a Spanish Translator and Interpreter, also English and Spanish teacher ( I taught 7 years in a secondary independent school in London although I am only partially qualified, I am trying to get into a Masters of Education next year, I live in Spain at the moment).
I started a course in Intermediate French and Mandarin Chinese last month and I would love to start practising what I learn, although at the moment I am only doing it verbally and in pinyin, I am still a beginner and characters take a long time to learn.
I hope I can help you with something in exchange.
I do not know much about Chinese culture, I have visited Beijing and Shangai and I love Zhang Yimou´s movies. Would love to learn a lot more about your beautiful country and may get to work as a Spanish or English teacher next summer in China, to get a full immersion in the language.

Hi! I'm also starting a cinese course😁
I'm interested in practising with someone, would you like to help me?