I really need someone to practice spoken english on skype regularly! 汉语/漢語/中文

Hi everyone!
i desired to have someone to practice spoken english,no mater how bad your spoken english is.at least, friends will never deride each other, besides, my spoken english is not very good ,too! BUT i think if we practice it often,our spoken english will improve a lot,right? if you are interested in this, don`t hesitate to add me skype! we will have much fun talking something about our two countries!

hi My name is flora and i am interrested about you proposition 🙂 i'am french but I will go to live in uk during 2 month (july and august).

I can heip someone who want to learn english alucard

I like skype a lot and I visit there often. If you want we can talk but not before next month 😃