The wish which become the worst. Games

I think that I'm remembered of good game which was very good. 🙂

[color=red][b]Rules : It's so simple the first person say his wish. The next person who write realize his wish by adding an inconvenience. And the thirst person do a wish and etc...[/b][/color]

[b][u]For example : [/b][/u] [i]I wish to be a bird.
Second person : You are a bird but you will not live for a long time because a cat will eat you.
Thirst person : I wish to eat all dish of the world [/i]

And etc...

I begin : I wish to be a picture.

Edit by Phoebelycia .

You are a picture but a baby will spill tea on you!

I Wish to pass through a mirror.

Too bad it will break...

I wish to be the president of the USA

maybe someone wants to kill you then🙂

I wish to become a blue cake which to know walk. 🙂

You will, but then someone will cut you, divide you and eat you... And it will hurt a lot u_u

I wish to be a plane. 🙂

You become a plane, but you fall.

I wish to fall in love with a wonderful man 🙂