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my name is Lena and it means something like "the bright one" 😛 i actually like it, but there are so many Lenas....
ooh and its from greek origin and a short form of elena.

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My name is Jenny. My parents doesn't wan't that my name is Jenni because my dad is not Toni, he is Tony so I'm not Jenni. I'm Jenny 😛

My name is Parinaz and it is of Iranian origin.It means "pretty angel".My mother's friend's sister's name was Parinaz and my mother liked this name so she named me Parinaz.I love my name.
besides my last name,it means "the pretty,helper angel"🙂😃

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My name was chosen after a raffle: my name is Manuela, my parents also liked other names, my father liked Barbara, my mother liked Vanessa and Veronica, and then they wrote these names on some sheets, they had a raffle and the raffle decided for Manuela 🙂 instead I would be called Antonio if I were a boy, like my great-grandfather.

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My name is Danah. Besides millions of possible explanations of its origin I prefer the one a lecturer of mine once gave me - he said it is Scandinavian and means "the divine one". Who does not want to be divine? You see, I really like my name 😃

When my mum was pregnant everybody had an opinion for my name - as usual, right? Her mum and her mother-in-law wanted old, almost ancient German names like "Waltraud" or "Gertrud", terrible names, so my parents decided to look for a name that would "hurt" them.

My name is Manuela too and I once read that it is a hebrew name and comes from Emanuel and means "God is with us"

My name is Maria. I dont like it that much but its okay tho. I like more use my nickname its Mitsu and people know me better with it

Hi everybody !
My name is really Odessa. My mom gave it to me after listing a song from Francis Cabrel (Lisa) where he talks about the Odessa town in Ukraine.

My name is Janina. My parents wanted to give me beautiful and unusual name and it`s really unusual in Russia. They had spent 2 months before they made a choice) I was born in December but they called me Janina in February, lol. As i know, it`s Polish name which means smth like "God is gracious"

My name is Franziska and I'm not really sure about the meaning. I know that it's of Italian origin and that it comes from Francis of Assisi. Apparently it means "the little French girl" but in latin it either means "the free" or "the one that comes from Franconia" 😃... I don't know...

Hard to say .. Actually, I find my name okay but sometimes puke, because it reminds me of the little girl of yore ...

My name is Sebastiano.
My father originally wanted to call me "Sebastian" as the protagonist of the film the "The Never Ending Story" but that name was rejected by our priest so my father changed to Sebastiano

My name's Mila. My mum chose it because there was this famous Brazilian model/actress on TV back at the time she was pregnant. Actually, she wanted to name me Camila, but she heard my uncle would choose this name for his daughter that would be born the following year, so she decided to get the shorter version. I found it terrible when I was a kid, I thought it was too short. To make things worse, my mum only gave us my father's last name (both of them having two family names, one from each parent, which is the common practice aorund here). So I'd write my name with a Y and an extra L to make it look fancier and more powerful haha. After becoming an adult, I realised few people have this name and most people like it, so I was ok with it. Social acceptance is everything haha.

The problem is I always have to confirm that is my real given name because, here in Brazil, it's not a common name for girls, it's more likely to be found as a nickname, a shorter version of names such as Camila, Jamila, Milena, Ludmila, and so on. It's funny that people like to give this name to animals, so I have already found an elephant, a cat, and two dogs with my name.

Concerning the meaning, I found something related to Emilia, which is apparently an Arabic name... If you help me with the meaning, I'll be more than pleased.