Ps4 Games

Hallo everybody,

I am not a good gamer. Got stuck on Dragon Age inquisition... I LOVE that game. Also played DIABLO.... LOVED IT too!
Now I am ready to try a new RPG but I need suggestions and also someone who could help me with it please

disgaea series, very easy to follow, hundreds of hours of gameplay, funny cameos of other game characters which you can play later, and you can get help on gamefaqs 🙂 i play ps3 disgaea 3 and havent got 100% yet.

Thank you for the tip nico. I will look into it!

Hi I Love Witcher or red dead Redemption

I just say Xbox one is better.... Or Ps3 if you want, but Ps4 it's impossible xD ( OK bye ... )

Well RPG wise there are some good ones, maybe go from the already had dragon age to maybe the Souls-Borne series. That will get your RPG groove on xD

My personal pick is Bloodborne. Awesome game and superb atmosphere. For me, better than any game of the Souls saga.

And I heard great reviews about Dragon Quest XI. Didn't play it but I played Dragon Quest VIII on PS3 and it was one of my favorites RPGs ever so I will eventually play the XI to check if it's as good as the VIII part.

hey, who is playing OVERWATCH? add me as friend gineshino92 and lets enjoy

I really like playing videogames... Some may think it offers you just a stupid games, but in fact modern technologies have developed crazy graphics and mechanics...
Most of all I like open-worlds, especially which are based on real cities, even countries... So, you may guess I’m fond of assassins Creed, rdr, gta and watch dogs...
Nevertheless, I also like Sony’s exclusives... There are plenty of them and they are must-have ones... TLOU... Uncharted... GOW...