Elder Scrolls: Skyrim! Games

Soo anybody else an addict to this game? I think it is simply amazing.

Atm I am a dark elf but I am thinking about starting a new game, any suggestions about
play style ? 🙂

I sometimes play the Elder Scrolls: Online which is pretty much the MMO version of Skyrim. It literally takes hundreds of hours to finish the game

I played it a couple of times in different ways but mostly I ended up playing an archer 😃 but a double swords/axe Nord was also fun to play.

The Elder Scrolls is my absolutly favorit Game!!! The big open world, the exitings Storys and the Dragons are amazing. I can´t wait for the next game. My anticipation is very high.

Skyrim rules! Been wandering around for a couple hours (100 or so), and haven't even tried to find the Jurgen's horn after you speak to the graybeards. The amount of effort and dedication they put on the game is impressive, I'm so looking forward to TES VI.

Atm I'm playing a double sword/blacksmith imperial, but I started with a stealthy khajit.