Fallout Games

Heey! Who loves the series of Fallout or once played - please, write here!

What do you think about Gauss Rifle?)



I've played Fallout 2 and Fallout 4.

I played and play again in Fallout 4. I try to play 3 but it's burned my eyes xD
It's sure I will buy Fallout 76 !

I loved fallot 4, but I heard fallout 76 is terrible!

I'll buy ! And I'll make my own opinion.

Played and completed Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4. Love the series but I think they're losing their way with Fallout 76. Not because it's a bad game (cannot judge 'cause I didn't play it yet) but because of the lack of effort. Bethesday didn't even try to do something new and improve a bit the series.

Ewww Fallout 76 stinks so much, BEST joke ever
1 and 2 are cool but I never finished them.. 3 and NV seem better to me but once I lost my saves so same same never finished them... but Fallout 4 is BAE ♡

Fallout 2 is the best game ever the 3rd suck they did a good job in fact cause creating a 3d fallout was a real challenge but they did not respect the deep atmosphere of the serie NV is the just perfect fallout 4 sucks make your character talks was the biggest mistake they ever did

I've played all the Fallout chapters, including 76