Mass effect? Games

Anyone here still play mass effect or played? If so what is your favorite character?
Thane and Garrus all the way

My favorite character is Garrus . I played a long time ago and he is only one who I can remember

My favorite characters are Liara and Garrus

My favorite character is the player. I like making him act so bitchy for every conversation
Youre awesome

Tali'Zorah for ME 1 - 2 - 3

Vetra for ME Andromada

Yeah, I tried also with Liara but she didn't impress me

My brother played it and he realy enjoyed it

Every once in a while I play it for another time. I don´t know how many times I´ve played this game but I still love and enjoy it. My favorite characters are Wrex (Triology) and Drack (Andromeda). I just love the Krogans. But after playing it so many times with all the DLC´s, sidequests and conversations all of the characters claimed a special place in my heart.