DOTA 2 Games

What do you think about this game? 001_cool

Not my fav one 🙂
I've been playing LOL for few years now (amateur gaming and championships) and even if the community is really awful, the game is still a very good one, and in my mind better that the two others (HON and Dota) but this could be discussed 🙂

I have 900h+ playing this game on steam o.O i was really adicted 😃

I love it! 😃 I anybody wants to add me on steam, send me a message! (:

I love it

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yes, dota 2 is very cool. I am just a Guardian but I play around 2465 games 🙂
just unlucky to always stuck with noob, and noob team. You can't win solo, this game is for a team so ...
my sad story hahaha 😃