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Hello! 🙂

[b][color=green]Well, I'm sure that you know this game and his principe. In the daily we doing it on a paper. The principle is simple somebody begins to write a sentence, fold the paper of a tour and gives it to another person who makes the same thing. And so on until everybody have written something on the paper. At the end somebody unfolds the paper to read the entire story. We can do the same here. I propose 10 tour. At the end of 10 tour, we read the story before of to begin again a new part. [/color][/b]

Are you ready to play? 🙂 =p

I begin!😁

[hide]In a parallel world exists a small bird who as soon as he opens the beak brings out a musical note which walk.[/hide]

[b][color=green]You owe to use 'hide'.[/color][/b] 😉

NB: Normally it works but there, it is a little flunked! -_- 🙁

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In Italy we call this game the "cigarette game" because the sheet becomes a sort of cigarette after being folded.
Anyway the rules are: the first thing to write is a Masculine name
Then a feminine name
Then "where they are"
Then "what they do"
Then "What he says her"
Finally "What she says him"

But I don't know how to use "hide"...